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TMEA District Auditions

Parents and Students,


What: First Round All-State (District)

Who: All HS students

When: Saturday, September 28th

Where: Woodrow Wilson High School, 100 S Glasgow Dr, Dallas, TX 75214 Dallas, Tx

Time: Leaving GPFAA-6:15 am
(Please note that some students will be meeting at Woodrow Wilson HS) –Director must have an alternate student travel form signed by a parent– Click here to complete the form.

Drop off: Building Entry – Drop Off and Pickup

We will be using the main entrance of the school on Glasgow Dr. Upon entering the building students will be directed to the foyer of the auditorium for registration.

  • For those meeting at Woodrow Wilson HS- please be at Dallas no later than 7:00 am

Returning: We do not have a set time, we are hoping this day will be done no later than 4:30 pm. It could be earlier or later.

Transportation: School Bus, to and from Dallas

What to bring: Original music, lunch $ or sack lunch, water, pencil, paper clips, highlighter

Audition info: 

This is where the audition process for TMEA All-State Choirs begins~ the first of four rounds of auditions! 

All High School Vocal Music students will be auditioning. The audition process usually lasts most of the day. All High School students should report to GPFAA choir room for warm-ups at 6:00 am and the buses will leave at 6:30 am.

Please remind your students to not bring cell phones or MP3’s into the audition room as they will be disqualified. We are recommending that chaperones collect them prior to registration and store student devices. However, if this is not possible, they will be collected during registration and held until auditions are over.

*Deadline for permission slip Wednesday, September 18th,  click here

*To volunteer for an event, click here

*Note you must have an account to do both.

The event is finished.