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SWACDA/CHINA Photo Session #2

Parents and Students,

REMINDER: Click here to complete all required forms online

What: SWACDA/China Photo Session #2

Who: All High School

When: Friday, November 8, 2019

Where: Botanical Gardens & Stockyard

Time: Leaving GPFAA campus by 9:00 am

Transportation – School Bus: To and From

Returning: 2:00pm

What to bring:  Formal & Informal attire, sack lunch, garment bag, blanket for picnic/lunch.

Please note: 

  • Lunch- we will eat lunch in a picnic-style. We will not have time to stop and eat. The students must bring their lunch.


*Photo Session #1
Botanical Gardens- ALL STUDENTS

Formal- Tux/Dress, including black character/dress shoes. Wear this to school on Friday.

Informal Attire- Bring the following with you to school: Tenor/Basses – medium to dark blue jeans with a white button-down shirt (white tux shirt will work). No polo shirts. Shoes- white or black.

Treble- medium to dark blue jeans with a colored blouse. No t-shirt or polo. A non-white colored blouse. Either solid or multi-color will work. Shoes- white or black.

*Photo Session #2
Stockyards- ALL STUDENTS

Bring cowboy/girl accessories (hat, boots, bandannas, etc.)
Treble- those going to China may bring a colored “flannel” style button down as well~just not white.
Tenor/Bass- your white button-down will also work for the stockyard session.

Overall: All students will have two changes of clothes- formal and informal.

* The goal is to select items you might already have. Please do not go and purchase these items.

* We will have a uniform check the morning we leave.

Behavior: We will be in public. Please remind your students to be respectful of the places we visit.

Itinerary: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LYMxsakFOqNga6uvxInBNdHQQUyMoRZO/view?usp=sharing

The event is finished.