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MS: Opera Performance at UTA, December 3rd, 2023

Who: GPFAA MS Singers

What: Performance with the University of Texas at Arlington Opera 

When: Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

Where: The University of Texas at Arlington, Iron’s Recital Hall

700 Greek Row Dr, Arlington, TX 76013

Time: Concert time 3 PM

Attire: Boy Who Grew: No ripped or holed jeans.They can be blue or black. Shirts can be any shirt as long as its within school dress code and its avoiding bright/neon colors and patterns. Our students are playing the role of young children, so they more simplistic the outfit, the better.

For Chip and His Dog, still confirming the information from the Director of the show.

Call Time: 1 pm

Pick Up: Student will need to be dropped off and picked up from UTA following the performance

Ticket Information: ITS FREE!!!


The event is finished.