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HS- All State Round 1 September 16, 2023

Parents, Guardians, and Students,

All-State information/Reminder:

TMEA All-State Round One is just around the corner. We have been working on this music since day one of class. Please carefully read over the Who, What, When, Where, and Why!

Who: All HS students (required for all HS Vocal Students)

What: First-Round All-State (District)

When: Saturday, September 16, 2023

Where: Martin High School

4501 W. Pleasant Ridge, Arlington, TX 76016

Time: Leaving GPFAA @ 6:30 am

AM Auditions: Alto/Basses

PM Auditions: Soprano/Tenors

*For those meeting at Martin – please communicate this to Mr. Duarte. Students must be at Martin no later than 7:00 a.m.

Returning: We do not have a set time. We are hoping this day will be done no later than 7:00 p.m. It could be earlier or later. Please be on standby to meet at the school around 6:30/7:00 p.m. for pickup.

Permission Slips: Currently, we are waiting for our website designer to update all permission slips on the GPFAA VM websites (thank you for your flexibility). Permission slips will be electronically submitted to your GPFAA VM website. If you are taking and/or picking up your student in front of the event, or if your student is driving themselves, you need to fill out another permission form called the “Alternate Student Travel Form.” This form needs to be filled out every single time your student does not take bus transportation. (This is a district rule.) We may need a paper permission slip for this event. We’ll keep you informed and give out the slips as needed. Thank you for your patience as we wait for our website designer to make the required updates.

All forms are due Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Transportation: district school bus

What to bring: original music, Student ID, sack lunch, water, pencil, paper clips, highlighter

Attire: No specific attire is needed—plan for comfort and success.

Chaperone/Volunteer: YES- we will need help. There will be two different groups helping in different ways. One group will be helping with the actual contest, and the other group will help directly with our own students. click here to volunteer.

*Additional notes: Students will not be able to have any electronic devices at this contest. Any electronic device will be with a chaperone, and students can not have it back until all singers exit the facility. Karen Gay, Guild Events Coordinator, will be the parent you will contact if you need to get a hold of your student or have any questions on the day of the event. You can reach her @ 361-739-8034

UTA All-State Workshop “One Last Look”: Highly recommended for all students to attend, click here!

Snack Donations: We need food donations for the day of our first competition! Since we will be at the audition site for a good portion of the day, we want to ensure our students have snacks to keep their energy going. This is one of the many ways you can contribute to the Vocal Music strand! Click here to sign up to donate items!

Audition Material:   

• Flight, Carnelia/Murphy (SSA)
• O Love, Hagenberg (TTBB)
• Tshela Moya/Ke nna yo Morena, Barrett (SATB)
• Only in Sleep, Ešenvalds (SATB)

The event is finished.