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China Tour Visa Event

Parents and Students,

What: China Visa passport drop off and picture event (students that are traveling to China will have their visa pictures taken during school hours)

Who: Parents and students who will be traveling to China in March

When: Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Where: GPFAA Choir room

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

What to bring: Passport (please take a picture of your passport or make a copy of it prior to dropping it off). The Visa application form and instructions will be coming soon.

Additional Information about Travel Visas:

When traveling to China, US Citizens must also apply for a travel Visa. This document is issued by the Chinese Embassy /Consulate. Worldstrides will be handling securing Visas for our entire group. Here is some important information:
1. All travelers must have a current passport (must not expire within the six months following our travel to China. So must not expire before October 2020)
2. Worldstrides, the travel company, will take care of getting the visa, and the cost, $266 per person, will be added to the price of the trip. Please remember that we are working diligently to take any additional work off of your hands by allowing the tour company to do the processing of Visas for our entire group. For your convenience we are hosting this Passport drop off and picture taking event.
The following items will be collected from ALL TRAVELERS to send to Worldstrides for processing of the Visas:
• Completed Visa Application (this form and instructions will be sent soon).
• Visa photo (This will be taken by Vocal Music Directors or Representative).
• Current Passport
We are so excited for this tour and we will be sending more information very soon! If you have any questions, please contact either Melissa Kirby-our trip coordinator- at melissa.kirby@gpisd.org or Mr. Duarte at joel.duarte@gpisd.org.

The event is finished.