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As we start 2024, we have many exciting opportunities for GPFAA HS Vocal Music students. I am super excited that we are continuing this tradition as we take our students to TMEA in San Antonio! Below I have a lot of information that may answer any questions. Many of our students have experienced this conference, and for those who have not, your student is in for a treat!

TMEA is the largest music education conference in the world! This conference ranges from 25-30 thousand musicians, elementary-college students, educators, presenters, vendors, and so on!! At TMEA, your students will attend sessions, visit exhibit booths, watch rehearsals, and attend the All-State Concerts.

Texas Music Educators (TMEA) Conference in San Antonio, Texas, is one of the first! TMEA is an organization of over 12,000 Texas school music educators. TMEA aims to provide professional growth opportunities, encourage interaction among music education professionals, foster public support for music in schools, offer quality musical experiences for students, cultivate universal appreciation and lifetime involvement in music, and develop and maintain productive working relationships with other professional organizations.

We are excited that your Vocal Music student has decided to become a member of the Texas Future Music Educators (TFME)!! As a member of this organization, they have some unique opportunities throughout the year to learn more about the ins and outs of being a music educator. In addition, TFME members can participate in the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) conference in San Antonio from February 7-11, 2024. This event is not mandatory, but it is one that we provide for, especially for students interested in becoming music educators or continuing in the field of music.

To have claimed a spot, you must have already,

  1. Your student has paid GPFAA Vocal Music 2023-2024 dues. Pay here: https://www.gpfaavm.com/product/general-gpfaavm-fee/
  2. Your student has the full payment of the TMEA trip fee. $135.00 is due by “Friday, Feb 2nd”. If you need a few extra days, just let me know. Pay here: https://www.gpfaavm.com/product/general-gpfaavm-fee/
  3. Your student has paid the $15.00 TFME Fee. This is to be a member and will include your student’s registration at TMEA. https://www.gpfaavm.com/product/general-gpfaavm-fee/
  4. Your student has filled out the breakfast/lunch Google form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSedQim0xe6wHqJvmyTPSUjIWDDhE2xJwAdyuHWgtL2eW_ijjQ/viewform
  5. Please confirm once you have done all four above.

FAQ regarding the TMEA Conference: :

  1. If you have questions regarding if you have paid the 2023-2024 Vocal Music Fees, please feel free to contact me.
  2. What are the dates for the TFME members attending the TMEA conference? February 7-11, 2024
  3. Where is the TMEA Conference located? San Antonio, Texas
  4. Where will my child be staying? Your child will be staying in an Airbnb house near the conference center. Chaperones will be lodged at the same Airbnb. Address: 343 West Gramercy Place, San Antonio, TX
  5. Will there be chaperones for this trip? Yes, we will have chaperones for this trip.
  6. Will female and male students be separated for rooming/sleeping arrangements? Yes
  7. How will my student get to the conference? As of now, we are looking for a few chaperones to help with transportation/carpooling. To allow as many kids as possible to attend, we need your help! If you can help with carpooling, please let Mr. Duarte or Shannon Esquivel know.
  8. The contact person/lead chaperone will be  Shannon Esquivel. If you have any questions about this trip/conference, email: shannon@theesquivelgroup.com  or text 214-554-7929
  9. How much will this conference cost my student? Our GPFAA TFME chapter has submitted a $500 grant to help pay for the costs of our student members to attend the conference. Our Vocal Music Guild will be helping with some of the costs. The projected cost per person is approximately $135.00 (the cost is for 18 students attending). This fee will pay for lodging, food (breakfast & two dinners), parking, and transportation. Please see the attachment above for the projected budget. This is a great price for a 3-night trip; you can’t beat it! 🙂
  10.  To whom and when do we pay the $135.00 for lodging, transportation, and food? Pay online ( https://www.gpfaavm.com/product/general-gpfaavm-fee/) or make a check payable to GPFAA Vocal Music Guild. (Price is set for 18 students to attend/participate. (Please know if all 18 cannot participate, the price could change.)
  11. Was this on a first-come, first-served basis? Yes, the first 18 students to commit (pay in full) will be guaranteed attendance.
  12.  When is the absolute deadline to pay in full for this trip? Friday, February 2nd.
  13.  What day and time will the TFME students and their chaperones leave for the conference? TFME members plan on leaving school on Thursday, February 8, immediately following school.  Or, students could leave as soon as 1:30 during their choir class. This will depend on if the chaperone can leave around that time.
  14. What day and time will the TFME students and chaperones return to GPFAA? We hope to be back at GPFAA on Sunday, February 11, between  3-5 p.m. Your student will be responsible for delivering the ETA.

I hope this information was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Again, in order to make this trip happen, we will need parent chaperone to help carpool. If you are able, please let us know ASAP.

This link contains all TMEA/TFME information: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZTFtIWOp2HOJQmrHsORORFWFR2Li32Yr