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MS & HS Tenor-Bass TMEA/ACDA Send-Off Concert February 6,2023

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What: 2023 TMEA & 2023 ACDA Invitational Send-Off Concert

Who: All MS TMEA Tenor-Basses and HS ACDA Tenor-Basses

When: Monday, February 6, 2023

Where: St. Monica Catholic Church 9933 Midway Road, Dallas, TX 75220

Time: Students – We will leave GPFAA at 1:15 pm

Transportation: School Bus TO the event only. Parent/Guardian must pick up the student after the concert ends.

Performance Time: 7:30 pm

What To Bring: Cash for Dinner ($15.00-$20.00)

Concert Attire: Formal Attire – tuxes, black shoes, dress socks (to go with tuxes).

Behavior: We are guests at this beautiful church. No cell phones and no talking during concert rehearsals/performances. No food or drink is allowed in the church.

Please Note: Attendance will be taken, and the concert is a performance grade. Students are to bring a snack to eat on the bus. No food or drinks will be allowed in the church.

Other Important Information: This is the only LOCAL performance that our students will be doing with this music line-up. It is a preview of the program the MS Tenor-Bass students will sing at the 2023 TMEA Clinic/Conference (San Antonio) & HS Tenor-Basss students will sing at 2023 ACDA National Conference (Cincinnati, OH). All family, friends, supporters, teachers, and admin are welcome! Please join us for this FREE CONCERT in the beautiful St. Monica Catholic Church.

Volunteers: We need a few volunteers to help with this event. Please consider volunteering. 🙂https://forms.gle/tAJrwV5broSAQJpZA