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Welcome to Vocal Music!!

Welcome to Vocal Music 2022/2023!

Welcome back to all returning and new Vocal Music Students to GPFAA! The GPFAA Vocal Music Team is poised and ready for whatever may come as the year unfolds. For the time being, we will forge ahead and focus on our Vocal Music community and the opportunities that arise – which are many!

Let us begin by saying, you all have selected a wonderful, fun, and challenging strand.

I bet some of you are wondering about the current possibilities of vocal events/concerts? Dates? Forms to turn in? Fundraisers? Or even… who is the Vocal Music Guild, and what do they do? We hope to see many of you at the General Vocal Music/Guild Meeting on Thursday, September 8th. It will begin promptly at 7:30 pm with our very own middle school & high school singers! There will be two short parts of the meeting. First, a summary of our expectations of you as a part of the vocal music program/guild and how you can support and volunteer for our students! Second, we will go over our fine arts calendar, with all our concert and rehearsal dates already included, so that you can mark your family calendars NOW. Feel free to look at the Vocal Music calendar at www.gpfaavm.com as it already has events posted for the school year. Remember that concert and dress rehearsal attendance is an essential part of your student’s grade in vocal music classes. We will also give insight and updates on what to expect from the Vocal Music Strand and the Vocal Music Guild this year.

For those that do not know, we have a fantastic website that will make your life much easier and acts as our HUB of communication. Your job is to keep us informed of any issues that may prevent you from attending rehearsals or concerts as soon as you are aware of them. In the rare event of a personal or family emergency, contact us as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to Reminds, Emails, and updates on www.gpfaavm.com throughout the year for important updates and information! Ultimately, we want to stress the importance of excellent communication between parents/guardians and directors. We will provide many reminders of vocal music information as events approach during the year.

Remember that choral singing is a cooperative effort, and we function as a team. We need all our team members together if we are to maximize our potential! This year, more so than in recent years, you will be able to connect with the tradition of beautiful choral music in extraordinary ways. Your efforts will write yet another chapter in our long, proud history.

Parents and students, with this being said, we must work together to ensure that your student’s academic and vocal music classes remain on point. We understand that each student works differently and may require different attention. Therefore, we want to be sure that your students are getting all the support we can provide.

We, as your directors, are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding year. We want this year to be one of your fondest memories of middle & high school. Vocal music students are amazingly resilient and possess the work ethic and grit to make the incredible possible. Now, let’s get creating!

To get a head start on what to expect, we have put together a Vocal Music Manual. This will be a live working document so that we can update things as needed.

We hope you and your student/s have a wonderful year!!