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MS and HS Vocal Uniforms – Turn In By May 17, 2021

Dear students and parents,

Now that we are done using our formal uniforms, it is time to return them. For sanitary purposes, please dry clean the uniform before they are returned. This includes both in-person and virtual students.

Please bring back uniforms in a dry-cleaning bag with the receipt attached. Make sure the receipt has the student’s name somewhere on the tag. Most dry cleaners will give a discount if you inform them that this is part of a school choir. In-person students, once you have dry cleaned your attire, bring it to school, and we will check you off. Virtual students, there will be a rack in the front office for you to hang your dry cleaned-formal attire. Please, check-in with the front office before you place the uniform on the rack. Please note, if you are graduating or not returning, and if you do not turn in your attire, your school documents will be on hold until you return your items.

Uniform due date:
Due: Monday, May 17th, 2021

Uniforms: (Things that need to be turned in)
MS Tux – Tux shirt, tux vest, tux pants, bow tie
HS Tux – Tux shirt, tux vest, tux jacket, tux pants, bow tie
MS/HS – Dress-Formal Dress

* Tenor/Bass- those returning keep your “tux-shinny” shoes until next year.

9th-grade current students – you may have two separate attires. Last year, 2019-2020, and this year, 2020-2021–Both are needed to be dry cleaned.

HS Exploratory
*IF* your student has a Show Choir or Madrigal outfit – these need to be dry cleaned and turned in as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the uniforms or the process!