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Joining Voices- Christmas 2020



Whether you graduated last year or four years ago, we all share a love for singing and a special kinship from making beautiful music and memories at GPFAA.  Get your voice warmed up and get ready to share our Christmas/Holiday music with loved ones, family, and the community in our virtual choir.   

We’re singing Night of Silence/ Silent Night – most of you sang this piece when you were at GPFAA at one point, and if not, we are confident you will be just fine… just read the notes!  

This virtual video will include GPFAA Vocal Music Alumni and current GPFAA students. How exciting!  We can’t wait to see so many familiar faces singing together once again on the “big screen”.

In Order to allow time for editing the video, please make sure to submit your recording by the following deadline.  

The deadline to submit will be Monday, December 14th @ 11:59 pm. 

There are 2 sets of INSTRUCTIONS Read carefully so you look and sound amazing!

* What to wear? Christmas/Holiday theme. Do you still have your ugly Christmas sweater? Holiday Hat? Lights? Sing next to your Christmas tree or a decorated area! BE CREATIVE!!

  1. DOWNLOAD your sheet Music and PRACTICE with your RECORDING TRACK VIDEO:

Click Here for PDF Sheet Music

Music notes:

  • Music will give you 2 full measures before you start singing. WE are in ( 3/4) time.
  • TUTTI-all will begin singing at m. 87
  • Sopranos and Altos are sing on Treble clef/top line.
  • Tenors and Basses are on the Bass clef /bottom line.
  • m. 114 = Soprano and Altos sing Only, NO TENOR OR BASSES here.
  • m. 138 = Tenor and Bass join. You are singing on the Bass clef

Recording Video Tracks: These links will have the audio and sheet music for you to follow. Remember, I should only be able to hear your voice and see your video. I should not hear the piano track. 


       2. HOW TO RECORD YOUR VIDEO: Click here for instructions 

       3. SUBMIT YOUR RECORDING HERE: https://forms.gle/ViYjS1rZX273TfMr9