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TMEA Here We Come!!

TMEA is an organization of over 11,000 school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education. TMEA comprises five divisions: Band, Orchestra, Vocal, Elementary and College. TMEA leaders carefully monitor the actions of all state decision-making bodies on issues affecting fine arts instruction. The annual conference will take place February 12th-15th, 2020 (TMEA Website) and the GPFAA Vocal Music Strand will have a large representation at this event. Along with Mr. Duarte and Ms. Maughan, several students will be attending the conference this year.

We have six High School Vocal Music Students who secured a position on the All-State Mixed Choir, and one student, Michael Weiss placed as a Bass 2, First alternate. This is the first year that all of the vocal music All Staters will be a part of the top (mixed) choir! We also have two students (Olivia Garza and John DuBois) who have made the All-State Mixed Choir each year of their High School career (That’s right, four years in a row!!). That is an extremely rare and phenomenal accomplishment.
The 2020 GPFAA Vocal Music All-Staters that will represent the school in the Mixed Choir are: Kaylynn Langham (Second Chair, Soprano 1), Olivia Garza (First Chair, Soprano 1), Cecelia Largent (First Chair, Soprano 2), Andi Bernabe (First Chair, Tenor 1), John DuBois (First Chair, Tenor 2), and Josh Zamarripa (First Chair, Bass 1)!

Along with the All-Staters from GPFAA, about 15 members of the GPFAA chapter of the Texas Future Music Educators (TFME) will be attending the TMEA conference. They will be attending concerts, the college fair, and conference sessions.
The Texas Future Music Educators was established in 2004 to support students who have an interest in a music education career. The purpose of the chapters is for members to provide service to their school music programs and to prepare for entry into college music programs. TFME chapters meet at least four times per year and provide services to their school’s musical organizations. Members explore the possibility of becoming a college music education major and TFME members who have preregistered may attend the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention on Friday and Saturday.